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‘As a full time athlete I am hyper aware of how my body feels day-to-day as I prepare for training. When my yin practice is regular I experience much less pain/discomfort in my joints and through my movements. I believe the mental aspect of the practice gives me this calm focus which allows me to actually enjoy the mobility and feelings the physical practice gives me.’

ADAM BURGESS - GB Canoe Slalom Athlete

‘Every time I attend a session with Jamie, I take away so much practical yoga application that I can use for my own benefit and also in keeping my clients limber and injury free. Thoroughly recommend to anyone who trains hard!’

MAX COTTON - Founder 100% MMA

‘Jamie has the best yoga music playlist of any class I've been to! It really supported my ability to 'drop in' to the movement and at times made me feel alive, grateful and at peace’

JADE SHAW - Out of Body Experience Teacher

‘When training for an MMA fight this year I struggled muscle pain from constant sparring and weight lifting. But after a couple of yoga classes with Jamie I regained a lot of flexibility and felt much more relaxed for the fight!’

HARRY HUGHES - Amateur MMA Fighter

‘I so enjoyed yoga evolved festival, it’s got a great mix of teachers and talks. I particularly like Jamie’s ethos for Yoga Evolved and for what he’s doing to keep the yoga community thriving! Great work! I will definitely be going to more of these festivals and yoga meet ups, it’s just what’s needed in this busy yoga city of London, I can’t recommend Jamie’s teaching and commitment enough.’


‘Jamie's teaching style is conscious, fluid & caring. His authenticity seeps into every asana & has allowed for room, growth & discovery of new spaces within my self. I would definitely recommend a class’

LEYLEY COELHO - Nutritional Therapist

‘Jamie is a fantastic yin yoga teacher, his understanding of the postures and their benefits enables you to let go and enjoy the challenge of deep stretch and release. His goal setting workshop really made me re-evaluate how I think about life and it’s goals, I’d recommend anyone give it a try.’


‘Yin yoga is one of those things you hear about but are not really sure. After 8 months of doing it - I know that every single person should do it. The music, the voice, the calm, the holds, stillness in motion and a depth of feeling that means after 1 hr - you emerge a different person - physically relaxed and stretched, mentally recharged and more than you were before. Yin is now an integral part of my life.’

SIOBHAN CLARK - Partner - At a Venture Capital Fund

‘Most innovative class in London, great tips and feedback on inversion practice and building strength followed by yin- this makes it a whole and inclusive yoga experience.’

FLORENCE MELE - Director of Academic Quality and Student Services

‘Yoga Evolved is special - the classes are amazing: fabulous teachers with deep knowledge. However, the best part is the sense of community and belonging - a supportive, friendly and welcoming atmosphere where participants get to know each other and friendships are forged.’

IRIS HANKING - Yoga Teacher

At first I was unsure about 'drinking on the job', but after trying Gin Yin I was totally swayed! Love the relaxation you get from it.

JESSICA VACHER - Health Visitor

I’ve been attending classes for a while now and I’ve always found the teaching to be be great - challenging but also motivating and accessible for all. In particular though, Yoga Evolved classes and events have a real sense of community. It’s a great place to meet people and is something that you don’t get in other yoga classes and studios. 

SARAH DAVIS - Marketing Consultant

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