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Yoga for Everyone


Yoga for Martial Artists

Bringing Physical and Mental Balance to Combat Sports Athletes

Training in combat sports can have numerous  benefits.  You may lose weight, build strength, gain confidence and often make other positive changes in your life as a result of studying and practicing a martial art.  However, no one ever said competitive fighting was the best way to treat your body!  Speak to anyone who has been training for any amount of time and they will likely complain of some sort of persistent injury. 

This 75 minute workshop gives you all the tools you need to aid recovery whilst increasing flexibility.  You will also learn skills to improve your mental game including pre-competition preparation techniques used by elite fighters.

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Yoga Festivals

Bringing People Together Through Yoga

Yoga Evolved festivals combine a full day of yoga, inspirational talks, art and vegan food with a strong emphasis on having fun and building a community of like minded yogis.  The events are inclusive and the price will always reflect that as we believe yoga is for everyone.

Stay tuned for more information on the next Yoga Evolved Festival.

If you would like to host a Yoga Evolved event please feel free to contact us.  We are always looking to collaborate with like minded people.

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Corporate Yoga

A Happy, Healthy Company is a Productive Company

The old idea of working 9am - 5am with an hours lunch break, then heading home and forgetting about your job until the next day is long gone.  Nowadays people are working more hours and bringing work home with them often struggling to switch off.  Eventually this leads to ill health, stress, reduced productivity and time enforced time off work.  

By introducing bespoke yoga classes for all levels to your company you can help to add a sense of balance to your employees lives.  Any financial outlay will be recouped through increased productivity, reduced sick leave and increased staff retention, plus you will improve the company image by showing that your company care about the health of its employees.

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