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Its Time to Evolve

Anything is possible through yoga!

That sounds like a bold claim but it is true!  Yoga can be the vehicle for whatever positive changes you want to see in your life.  Whether you want to be fitter, more flexible, lose weight, meet new people, reduce stress or stand on your hands, yoga can take you there!  Yoga Evolved aims to help you on this journey, showing you the path whilst making sure you enjoy every step of the journey.

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The Yoga Evolved Mission

Bringing People Together Through Yoga

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I believe that everybody can benefit from yoga, but many people never will.  There are many reasons for this is, which include:

  • Believing you’re not fit enough to practice yoga

  • That you are not flexible enough for yoga

  • Yoga is too expensive

  • You don’t have anyone to go with

  • You love coffee / drink alcohol / eat meat so won't fit in

Some of these points may resonate with you and you may have been to a studio that only served to confirm your fears.  I want to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way!  Yoga Evolved aims to make yoga:

  • Accessible for everyone

  • Welcoming

  • Equal

  • Adaptable

  • Free from dogma and judgement

  • A way to express yourself freely

Through videos, articles, events and classes, Yoga Evolved aims to give you the tools to evolve into the person you truly want to be.

Enjoy the Journey!

Jamie Rylett

Creator of Yoga Evolved


Join the Movement!

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Gin Yin

Gin Yin combines two of the great ways to relax, practicing Yin Yoga and drinking high quality gin!  Yin Yoga offers deeper access to the body targeting connective tissue, fascia and ligaments with the aim of lubricating and protecting the joints.  In order to target these Yin tissues we must first learn to relax the surrounding muscles.  A small amount of alcohol immediately before class can help achieve the desired physiological state to facilitate this action. 
You will leave this class feeling grounded and revitalised and perhaps with a new appreciation for gin!

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Contact us to book a Gin Yin Workshop for your event

Unique Yoga Festivals

Yoga Evolved is know mainly for consistently putting on friendly, welcoming and accessible festivals.

We are currently preparing for our biggest event to date as we head to Lee Valley White Water Centre for a whole day of classes, inspiring talks, water sports and even a beach volleyball tournament!

For tickets and full details follow link below:

Other Services

Really enjoyed talking about mindfulness

Mindfulness Evolved Workshops / Courses

Find Happiness Through Mindfulness

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Corporate Yoga

Improve happiness and productivity whilst reducing stress

Yoga for Martial Arts

Bringing physical and mental balance to combat sports training



Jamie Rylett talks to insightful people on all things yoga related, from business to philosophy, to wellness and spirituality. 

The podcast aims to inspire more people to roll out the mat and start living happy, healthier, more fulfilled lives fulfilled lives.

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“Continue to grow and evolve”

Mahatma Gandhi

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